This is a unique opportunity to make a difference. An opportunity to inform, protect and save our sons and daughters from the ever increasing risks and dangers they are exposed to, an opportunity to save a life.

Mission and Vision

Identi Masses has the vision to create a Centralised, National and Electronic Database and a Safe and Secure DNA Bank for the benefit of each and every child in South Africa. No matter where and in which financial situation, each child will have equal rights and the opportunity to be registered.

Identi Masses’ mission is to take a leadership role in providing SAPS and NGO’s with all relevant and vital information: demographic and physical data, as well as a readily available and usable DNA Sample exclusively for use by SAPS.

Identi Masses will immediately upon being informed of a child’s disappearance, alert all South African Police Stations, Airports, Border Posts, the Media and NPO’s/NGO’s involved with missing children, therewith creating much needed awareness as soon as possible.

Identi Masses will make this service available to all children nationwide, thus making it easier to find missing children and also act as a deterrent to crime against children.

How it works

Identi Masses is going to send its Capturing Teams to all public and private schools in South Africa, urban and rural, to register all children electronically on the database on a pre-allocated school day.
The parents fill in a questionnaire aligned with the SAPS 55(a) Form prior to the registration day and send it with their children to school.

The registration includes a high resolution photograph which is compatible with leading face recognition systems.  The collection of a DNA sample and electronic fingerprints of the child will be optional.
During school holidays Identi Masses will visit old age homes, hospices and centrums for the disabled, to reach even more vulnerable individuals

How parents and their children benefit

Data is instantly available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, to SAPS and NPO’s involved with missing children in the event of a child going missing.

The information cannot be misplaced or get lost because it is stored electronically in a safe and secure environment
Valuable time in the search for the child can be saved by having the data readily available.  Data gets captured and updated every two years.

The identification of a found child is made easier by matching fingerprints or DNA – families can be reunited or get closure.

The database acts as a deterrent to crime against children of any form, e.g. abduction, human trafficking, rape, molestation or murder.


All the necessary research and preparation is complete.  This unique and necessary service will be readily available to the millions of families in South Africa as soon as April 2013.

To sustain this service, the capturing and registration of the children’s data will be free of charge.  A nominal amount will be charged to sustain and maintain the data server and DNA bank respectively.